Welcome to Remix! We have put our heart and soul into this project. The API isn't stable yet but it's getting there. We appreciate your patience as we tighten the screws on this thing.

We're still in the "supporter preview" so the docs are incomplete and written in a hurry, but they're good enough to get you moving.

Important Updates

Please check the v0.15.0 release notes, we shuffled around some packages and added the new esbuild compiler.

Getting Started

First things first, do the Quickstart Tutorial. After that, we recommend reading the Remix Philosophy.

Getting help

The Support page lists several resources to get help, check it out if you're stuck (and you will be, things are changing fast at the moment). We are very active on the discord server, during the supporter preview you'll probably get help fastest there. Please don't be shy!

And with that, good luck! We hope you love Remix, even in its early state.