This contains the Remix compiler and CLI. Make sure it is in your package.json devDependencies so it doesn't get deployed to your server.

We currently have two compilers, one that uses Rollup and a new one that uses esbuild. We are seeing 30-100x speed improvements with the new esbuild compiler. We encourage you to use it and report any issues you have so we can get it stable ASAP.

New Compiler

remix build2

Builds your app for production with our new esbuild-based compiler. If you're updating from the old compiler please see the v0.15 release notes.

$ remix build2

remix run2

Watches your application files and builds your app for development when files change with our new esbuild-based compiler.

$ remix run2

remix run3

Same as run2 but also boots the Remix app server in development mode.

$ remix run2

Old Compiler

remix build

Same as remix build2, but with the old compiler. There are a couple differences between them regarding asset imports. With remix build you need to use url:../something.css instead of just ../something.css.

$ remix build

remix run

Same as remix run2, but with the old compiler.

$ remix build

Future Changes

You'll note the names of these commands right now are a little nutty. When we shipped the new compiler the "run2" and "build2" commands showed up. Then we shipped the built-in app server and "run3" showed up!

In the next release there will only be three commands:

  • remix run - today's run3 (remix app server + dev asset server)
  • remix dev - today's run2 (dev asset server to be used alongside your own own server)
  • remix build - today's build2

This means the old compiler will also be deprecated, so please upgrade ASAP :)